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We turned our Passion, into our Profession

Sports Investment Group (SIG) is a multidimensional company in the Sports Industry. With multiple divisions, SIG offers a total concept in all areas of sports with tailor made solutions in top level management and consultancy. SIG works with a limited group of partners worldwide with experience and expertise to create the best opportunities for all parties.

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About our Team

10 years on the global market.
We work since 2005.

With proven years of success and experience in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Investments and International Business, we make sure that we can succeed together. Its all about personal and financial development. We are here to optimize the opportunity. If the DNA matches, we can build a strong, long-term relationship to create a win-win situation.

Management 75%
75% Complete
Coaching 70%
70% Complete
Sales 70%
70% Complete
Client Satisfaction 80%
80% Complete

Our Benefits

Why Choose Us

Management of sports

Total management in all areas of sports related to contract negotiations and transfer of players. Both during and after the career.

Financial management

Total Financial Management in all areas of financial aspects related to Financial cases during and after the career. With an experienced team in all areas, you can rely on us.

Strategic management

Looking for the right opportunities to make the right choices at the right moment in the career of the sports professional. Making strategic plans is very important to get the maximum out of the career.

Career Planning

From the start and during the career we can make plans to achieve your goal and grow as a person. It’s all about personal and financial development.


It’s very important to think about the career after your professional career. We support and provide you the best ways to think about all opportunities to maximize your talent. With a lot of experience in all areas, you can rely on us!

Investment management

We think it’s important to have a reliable partner and management to look for the best options and make strategically plans during and after the career. We can provide you in all areas the best options to get the maximum efficiency of your income.


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